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Save on money, time and waste throughout the life of your carpet.

Cut down on waste, cut down on costs

Cuts and waste are an inevitable part of installing a broadloom carpet which, in a typical room, can create between 10-15% waste. Using our modular carpet tiles can reduce that to 3-4% – or even less with our random or non-directional design ranges.

This saves both time and money before you even start installation.

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It couldn’t be easier

Our modular carpet is so easy to handle and fit. It’s even easier when using our glue-free installation system TacTiles™. Using TacTiles™ reduces both installation time and environmental impact. No glue residues are left on your sub floor, and the floor and space can be used straight away with minimum disruption.

Watch our TacTiles™ video below.

Keep it fresh, keep it clean

Our products are made with solution-dyed nylon, an essential ingredient to maintain colour-fastness and appearance over time, even when harsh cleaning products are used. And although most spills can be removed by normal cleaning, some can’t. If that’s the case, simply remove the tile for deeper cleaning or replacement.

What other flooring lets you create a fresh look whenever you want? Add colours and change the design – without starting again. All through a smart, selective – and economical – refresh of each area.

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A protective barrier

Barrier mats are an integral part for any maintenance program as they are designed to capture inbound soil at threshold points like lobbies, reception areas and staff entrances. We offer a range of barrier mats to cover a wide range of requirements and budgets.


Right place, right tile.

With so many different areas within a hotel, carpet wear and tear will differ greatly depending on the type and frequency of use.

Selecting the right products for each area will improve the overall performance of the carpet.

We can assess the building’s layout, traffic patterns and hours of operation; then work with you to develop recommendations for products, maintenance and preventative care.