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Make more of what you already have

Embrace the location

From cityscape to rural escape, promote your position on the map. Be inspired by geographic location and local design culture to excite and attract the curious traveller.

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  • Urban chic

    Bring bright lights and the stylish cosmopolitan atmosphere of the big city into guest rooms and reception areas.

  • Historic cities

    From gothic arches to renaissance sculpture, complement the unique cultural and architectural aspects of any city.

  • A room with a view

    Whether the building is nestled in a forest or surrounded by an urban jungle, use your flooring to bring the outside in.

Enhance the building

The right flooring will enhance any interior hotel space from guest room, corridor and lounge to reception area. Whether you want to brighten up a traditional guest bedroom, make smaller rooms feel more spacious, highlight unique architectural features or reveal the subtlest of surface detail, modular carpet offers design creativity.

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Create spaces

Create statement areas within a space. Modular flooring becomes a completely adaptable part of your palette of interior finishes. It has the ability to transform the way people feel and interact in a space. Enhance the unique personality of each space and your guests’ experience. And you can create rugs too – mix and match to form bespoke designs that are totally unique.

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