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Comforting to know

All of our modular carpet tiles act as a valuable shock absorber under-foot, but you can go even further. By specifying our Interlay product under your new modular surface, you can treat your guests to floors that feel softer, and even reduce noise.

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Late night arrivals or early dawn departures, footsteps and suitcases travelling down the corridor, a loud conversation or the sound of a vacuum cleaner. Acoustics are a subtle part of a hotel’s ambience and can be dramatically affected by the choice of flooring. Our Interlay product not only increases comfort under-foot, it can also help to solve the problem of poor acoustics on guest rooms, corridors, lounge or reception areas.

Air quality

Volatile organic compounds (VOCs) are present in many types of building materials, including flooring, often producing irritation to the eyes, nose and throat.
At high concentrations, they can even be toxic, but don’t worry, we’ve dramatically reduced the VOCs in all of our carpet tiles.

Despite this, some installation adhesives still contain a significant amount, which is why we introduced TacTiles™ – our glue-free installation system. Compared to glue installation, it has no unpleasant odours, which creates healthy spaces your guests can start enjoying straight away.

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